Our Mission

Using “study-abroad” as an approach, we cultivate a unique kind of learning that’s suited for the world – diverging from the traditional Japanese approach that upholds a single answer, we foster a skill that’s key to surviving this fickle, modern world – autonomous strength.

What is Autonomous Strength?

  1.     Individuality – The capacity to possess characteristics that distinguishes one from others, and the ability to maintain that keen uniqueness wherever they go. Self-analysis and self-expressing trainings are indispensable in the flowering of individuality. (Career education)
  2.     Intellectual agility – The opportunity to look beyond a specific field will allow one to build a breadth of knowledge and insight through a versatile, holistic approach in order to equip themselves with the ability to think critically. (Liberal Arts Education)
  3.    Problem Solving Skills – Through interdisciplinary projects and active learning experiences, we foster the ability to define and evaluate complex situations while generating alternatives to implement solutions.

Our Concept

Three key points make up our core value:

  •         “Study-abroad and global” approach. Hearing into the voices and experiences of students who chose to go abroad.
  •         Bonds between people. Providing essential information and support through community outreach.
  •         Regional/area-based focus. By actually visiting different areas, we conduct PBL ourselves based on what we’ve acquired from that place.

Our Activities

Support for High School Students, by College Students

Conducted by college students who are currently studying abroad, by sharing real-life stories and experiences, we work to introduce various approaches to “learning” and the opportunities that sprout from those insights to increase the number of high school students who take on the challenge of “studying abroad.” By providing meticulous care throughout the whole application process, we thoroughly support the high school students until their “studying-abroad” opportunity transforms from a vague, mere dream to reality. We also focus on passing down the experience to the next generation as those who go abroad become the next group of “fellowships.”

Establishing a Learning Platform for Global Individuals

By introducing the option of “Universities abroad,” we hope to establish a new approach to education that is based on active learning that emphasizes singularity and uniqueness. In doing so, we bring current college students, Japanese high school students and teachers together to build a new platform for “learning.”

Our History


June: Non-Profit Voluntary Organization, Global Learning Community Ryugaku Fellowship is established

August: Launching of the network association for students studying abroad

October: Creation of a website introducing universities/colleges abroad

November: A study group is founded by teachers who instruct at high schools that have sent students abroad


March: Inaugural meeting

June: Non-Profit Corporation, Global Learning Community Ryugaku Fellowship is established

June – July: Ryugaku Caravan Trek is held in 14 different sites across Japan

August: Summer camp (4 nights, 5 days) is held in Kyoto

December: Winter Camp is held in Tokyo


May: High School Alluring Project conducted at Tsutsuwano High School located in Shimane, Japan

June: Ryugaku Caravan Trek is held in 15 different sites across Japan

July: Mini Camp is held in 7 different areas around Japan

August: Summer camp (4 nights, 5 days) is held in Kyoto

Overview of the Organization

Name: Non-Profit Corporation, Global Learning Community Ryugaku Fellowship

Founding Date: June 2014

Board Members: PDF

Charter: PDF

Location: 3-4-7 Okamoto Higashi Nada-Ku Kobe City Hyogo 658-0072 Japan

Phone Number: +81 78 862 9327

Fax Number: +81 78 862 9327

Abbreviated Name: Ryugaku Fellowship