Ryugaku Fellowship

Our Mission

Using “study-abroad” as an approach, we cultivate a unique kind of learning that is suited for the world
– diverging from the traditional Japanese approach that upholds a single answer,
we foster a skill that is key to surviving this fickle, modern world – autonomous strength.

What is Autonomous Strength?

What is Autonomous Strength?
  1. Individuality
    The capacity to possess characteristics that distinguishes one from others, and the ability to maintain that keen uniqueness wherever they go. Self-analysis and self-expressing training are indispensable in the flowering of individuality. (Career education)
  2. Intellectual Agility
    The opportunity to look beyond a specific field will allow one to build a breadth of knowledge and insight through a versatile, holistic approach in order to equip themselves with the ability to think critically. (Liberal Arts Education)
  3. Problem Solving Skills
    Through interdisciplinary projects and active learning experiences, we foster the ability to define and evaluate complex situations while generating alternatives to implement solutions.

Our Concept

Three key points make up our core value:

  • “Study-abroad and global” approach. We hear into the voices and experiences of students who chose to go abroad.
  • Bonds between people. We provide essential information and support through community outreach.
  • Regional/area-based focus. By actually visiting different areas, we conduct PBL ourselves based on what we’ve acquired from that place.

Our Activities / Results

Our Activities

▼Support for High School Students, by College Students
Our college student members who are currently studying abroad work to introduce high school students to various approaches to “learning” and the opportunities that sprout from those insights. By sharing real-life stories and experiences, they contribute to increasing the number of high school students who take on the challenge of “studying abroad.”

▼Establishment of a Learning Platform for Global Individuals
By introducing the option of “Universities abroad,” we hope to establish a new approach to education that is based on active learning that emphasizes singularity and uniqueness. In doing so, we bring current college students, Japanese high school students and teachers together to build a new platform for “learning.”

Ryugaku Caravan Trek


Meeting a wider world of learning through “study-abroad.”
At Ryugaku Caravan Trek, we conduct future planning workshops with college students that helps high school students reflect on their own future paths. By meeting college students who are currently studying at universities abroad, you’ll be able to learn what daily lives are like at universities abroad, as well as the process they went through to get to where they are now. We hope that through the Caravan Trek, high school students will be able to realize that they too, have the option of going to foreign universities.

Ryufellow Summer Camp

Summer Camp Program

Our Mission

Grasping the pathways to “studying-abroad” with your own hands – this summer camp is designed for high school juniors and seniors who are aspiring to study abroad. Led by current college students, participants will be able to address their self-identities through self-analysis/self-reflection workshops, while also developing their writing skills needed during the college application process. The main goal of this camp for participants is to finish one essay by the end of 5 days of camp. Participating in this summer camp also enables participants to apply for our scholarship program.


1.Self-Analysis Workshop
In order to appeal your personalities to college admission officers, it is most important to understand who you are, what your strengths/weaknesses are, what you are interested in etc. Through working on dialogue-based workshops which participants reflect on their backgrounds and crucial experiences that shapes who they are today with the help of mentors, participants will consider what their future visions are, and what kinds of academic career paths reflect their aspirations the best.
2.Self-Expression Workshop
In applying for colleges abroad, it is important to have a rich understanding of how to express yourself. Essay prompts students presented from their applying colleges range from essays to short questions which require only 2-word answers. Interviews are also an important part of college application. Furthermore, the ability to assert yourself to others is a necessary skill to be able to work in global settings after graduation. Working closely with mentors who have been practicing this skill in their actual daily lives at school, participants will gain hands-on practices during the camp.
▼Free Interaction
After workshops, participants and mentors get together under one big roof and interact with each other. From small chit chats about their daily lives to heavy discussions on their dreams, social issues and politics, the space is devoted for participants to be inspired and find their own role models among their mentors and peers. Not only does the interaction motivates the participants, but it also provokes them to come up with unique essay ideas and future collaborative activities among participants after summer camp.
▼Personal Essay Mentoring
A personal essay is the most crucial part of foreign college application processes. Since the Japanese college entrance exam is usually knowledge-focused, the importance of personal essays is not well recognized in Japan. In this program, mentors are devoted to reading each participant's essay from the first day to the last day in order to help participants improve their essays. In revising essays and discussing with participants, we focus on if their essays fully convey their personality and their message they found through self-analysis workshops. Our main goal of mentoring is to make participants become “independent writers.”

Overview of the Organization

Name Non-Profit Corporation, Global Learning Community Ryugaku Fellowship
Founding Date June 2014
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Location 3-4-7 Okamoto Higashi Nada-Ku Kobe City Hyogo 658-0072 Japan
Abbreviated Name Ryugaku Fellowship